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    EREN is a non-profit association of researchers and entrepreneurs, conceived from the need that we have as Ecuadorian students abroad to better utilize our capacities. Through our acquired knowledge and experiences we want to contribute towards a positive change in our country. This network is for those that wish to work closely with like-minded, passionate individuals to bolster the development of Ecuador in a meaningful way, whether it be by producing cutting-edge research, entrepreneurship or social initiatives.



    We're on a mission to connect Ecuadorian talent in a network where ideas can flow and blend in meaningful startups and research efforts. EREN focuses on three main strategic areas:


    Capacity building.

    Mission: Improve members skills

    On-Site: Melbourne, Australia.

    Web: Online resources


    EREN focuses on the continuous improvement of the organization and its members, especially through Capacity Building, which aims to Strengthen leadership, communication and innovating-thinking skills through hands-on workshops and access to online resources.



    Take a look at our activities calendar for Events regarding Capacity Building.

    Dissemination and discussion of ideas.

    Mission: Promote dissemination of Research and startup initiatives

    Melbourne, Australia.

    More locations coming soon.


    Sharing is in EREN's DNA. We are a platform that Promotes the dissemination and discussion of ideas through academic conferences, seminars and talks.



    Watch a recording of our latest Academic Conference co-organized with Ecuador Vive.



    Mission: Build strong professional relationships.



    We are here to help you connect the pieces. That is why for EREN, networking is one of our main objectives. We aim to build an active professional network that fosters strong relationships among researchers and entrepreneurs through events and online venues.



    Check out our LinkedIn Group and Facebook Page to start engaging with EREN's members. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news.


    Also take a look at our events for face to face Networking opportunities.


    Shazia Ruybal EREN

    Shazia Ruybal


    Shazia is a PhD candidate in Genetics focusing on Malaria. She is very passionate about research and its practical applications.


    EREN's Co-Founder and now elected President, Shazia leads the Executive Committee meetings and acts as our representative to external stakeholders.


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    Mario Cuvi EREN

    Mario Cuvi


    Mario is studying a Master of Laws (LLM), International Commercial Arbitration - Natural Resource Law - Investment Law.


    As the elected Treasurer, Mario prepares budgets, presents reports and oversees the financial status of the organization.


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    Fernando Jativa EREN

    Fernando Jativa


    Fernando is studying a PhD in Chemical Engineering.


    As the elected Secretary, he is in charge of the coordination and management of our events and activities.


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    Domenica Moreno EREN

    Doménica Moreno

    Communications Coordinator

    Doménica studies Geography at the University of Melbourne.


    In EREN, she supports the Secretary with the promotion of relevant activities and events and preparing relevant marketing material.

    Mario Cuvi EREN

    Geovanny Leiva

    Research Coordinator

    Geovanny studied Criminology. He is interested to understand how society acts, the dynamics of power relations and how these are incorporated in the actual world.


    In EREN, Geovanny coordinates our activities related to research and promotes opportunities for the development of scientific and academic networks.


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    Elias Rivera EREN

    Elías Rivera

    Entrepreneurship Coordinator

    Elías studies a Master of Information Systems at University of Melbourne.


    In EREN, he coordinates our activities related to entrepreneurship and promotes collaborations that facilitate entrepreneurship initiatives in Ecuador and Australia.


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    Take a look at our Activities and Events. These events were created for you to Learn, Collaborate and Enjoy. Feel Free to Share them.

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    Learning Valuable Experiences

    Join us in our Networking event. Meet, share and learn from experiences of other students.

    Socialize with other EREN members that have a wide range of Academic, Professional and Personal Interests.


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    Meet the founding team of EREN in Australia and our past executive committee during 2014-2015.

    Daniel Profile EREN

    Daniel Pazmiño


    Daniel wanted to bring together Ecuadorian students abroad who share a passion for research and entrepreneurship.


    EREN's co-founder and our first elected President, Daniel lead the Executive Committee meetings and acts as our representative to external stakeholders during 2014-2015.


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    Shazia Profile EREN

    Shazia Ruybal


    Shazia is a PhD candidate in Genetics focusing on Malaria. She is very passionate about Research and its Practical Applications.


    EREN's Co-Founder and our first elected Secretary, Shazia was in Charge of the coordination and management of Events and Activities during 2014-2015.


    She was also our Main Blog Editor.


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    Kevin Profile EREN

    Kevin Ponce


    Kevin studied a masters in Environmental Science and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


    In EREN, as the first elected Treasurer, Kevin prepared budgets, presented reports and oversaw the financial status of the organisation during 2014-2015.


    Connect with Kevin

    Ivan Profile EREN

    Ivan Sanchez

    Ecuadorian Relations Representative

    Ivan is crazy about startups, entrepreneurship, innovation and IT.


    In EREN, he promoted startup initiatives in Ecuador with talented people, helping to create a great Entrepreneur Ecosystem in our Country during 2014-2015.


    He was also our WebMaster.



    Connect with Ivan

    Denisse Profile EREN

    Denisse Sanchez

    Entrepreneurship Coordinator

    Denisse studied a Masters in International Relations and holds a background working in entrepreneurship programs in Ecuador.


    In EREN, she coordinated activities to generate and encourage an entrepreneurship culture through developing networks in Australia and Ecuador during 2014-2015.


    Connect with Denisse


    Estefania Profile EREN

    Estefania Ferro

    Communications Coordinator

    Estefania studied Food Science and she is fascinated with research and development.


    In EREN, Estefania disseminated our activities and events through our social media channels and supported the secretary with the preparation of relevant Marketing and Publication material during 2014-2015.


    Connect with Estefania

    Karla Profile EREN

    Karla Rodriguez

    Research Officer

    Karla studied a Masters in Animal Science motivated by the love for nature, animals and a curiosity to understand or at least to be marveled at the power of life. Her passion is to encourage others to engage with the research process and its benefits for our society and environment.


    Karla's role in EREN involved helping in the activities related to scientific areas. Her contribution supported the establishment of networks in different research topics during 2014-2015.


    Connect with Karla

    Guillo Profile EREN

    Guillermo Alvarez

    Logistics Assistant

    Guillermo studied Electrical-Systems and has great interest in entrepreneurship and networking.


    In EREN, Guillermo was involved in marketing and event organization activities which are important for the involvement and association of the EREN’s community during 2014-2015.


    Connect with Guillermo

    Geovanny Profile EREN

    Geovanny Leiva

    Social Research Representative

    Geovanny studied Criminology. He is interested to understand how society acts, the dynamics of power relations and how these are incorporated in the actual world.


    In EREN, Geovanny helped in the organization of activities with a social component during 2014-2015. Moreover, he is a photo enthusiast using his skills taking shots of the shared moments in our events.


    Connect with Geovanny

    Bernardo Profile EREN

    Bernardo Jimenez

    Project Manager

    Following his dreams and passion, Bernardo traveled overseas to study a Master Degree in Engineering of Sustainable Energy at RMIT. He is committed to the goal of developing new designs, and researching new ways to reduce CO2 emissions that are so harmful to earth’s climate.


    In EREN, his role was related to his other area of expertise: Project Management. With his skills, Bernardo helped planning events that the group organizes to help entrepreneurs and researchers to connect during 2014-2015.


    Connect with Bernardo


    EREN is getting noticed, among the people and organizations that recognized our work:


    Check out our members reflections on past events, the organization and related topics.


    Here are our quarterly reports, containing EREN's activities and achievements.


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    April - June 2015 (Not available Yet)


  • Our Members

    For EREN, our members are extremely important. For that reason we created this new section in our websites, so our members can share their experiences and show our visitors a little bit more of the individuals that conform the EREN Network.


    EREN interviewed Ecuadorian students in Australia.

    Take a look at our video, where several members speak about their experience and perspectives on academic, social and cultural issues that arise when studying abroad.


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