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Elections, Elections, Elections.

How did EREN members elected their representatives

The ability to freely elect persons to represent you in a State-Government, council or organization is one of the cornerstones of what we call democracy. After proposing the EREN initiative to promote and support research and entrepreneurship from  Ecuadorians, an obvious next step was to elect figures to hold the organization together. Many fellow Ecuadorians showed up to nominate candidates and vote  for the available positions:

  • President,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer,
  • Communication Coordinator,
  • Entrepreneurship Representative,
  • Research Representative.

Since EREN is affiliated to The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of The University of Melbourne, some criteria had to be met in order to be eligible to hold one of the available positions. The most important requisite was to be enrolled as a student for the following year. In EREN we have stressed that despite being affiliated to the GSA, there is nothing that impedes us from collaborating and welcoming people from other Universities, Backgrounds or Locations. Plus we always have pizza, cupcakes or some kind of snack, so that everyone feels welcome!

On the election day we had a nice crowd of compromised people, from very different academic backgrounds: Political Science, IT, Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies, Biochemistry, Law and more. In that diverse environment, what we all had in common was the feeling of achieving great things for Ecuador, our love for research and the enthusiasm for startups and entrepreneurship. We heard a few words from the people proposing the initiative, explaining what EREN is and why you should care (Tip: You should care!). Our friend Andrés Salvador, from Ecuador Vive, helped us as the chair of the  meeting by leading the election process. Attendees nominated different candidates for the available positions, and the voting took place. Every candidate had the chance to give a small speech, proposing ideas and explaining how they could contribute to EREN. Everyone deliberated for a while, expectations set to the max, final results are:

  • President -> Daniel Pazmino
  • Secretary -> Shazia Ruybal
  • Treasurer -> Kevin Ponce
  • Communication Coordinator ->  Estefanía Ferro
  • Entrepreneurship Representative -> Denisse Sanchez
  • Research Representative -> Luisa Unda

For all EREN members and anyone reading this blogpost, the Elected representatives are working hard to bring new events and to help you connect with a great network. Please contact us with any ideas and suggestions.

A detailed description of each role and its responsibilities is available at:
EREN First elected Committee 2015
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