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What to do when you go back to Ecuador?

CONQUITO Offers Opportunities to Innovate

Many Ecuadorians ask themselves what to do when they go back to Ecuador at the end of their studies in prestigious universities of Melbourne. Aware of this necessity, EREN as one of its main purposes, has encouraged Ecuadorians to consider the idea of becoming employers and not only employees in Ecuador. Thus, aware of the potential of Ecuadorian students and the high number of students going back to our country in mid 2015, EREN created a space for dialogue between students and organizations that promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Ecuador.
Indeed, the last event was characterized by an open dialogue, exchange of ideas rather than only an exposition. Javier Albuja, Coordinator of Entrepreneurship and Business Development and Juan Pablo Manosalvas Analyst of Entrepreneurship, both from "Conquito Factoría Del Conocimiento" overtly answered concerns and provided further clarifications of the process of "Innova Quito". The speakers provided enough time to their answers, which at the same time were clear, direct and straightforward to the attendees' questions regarding the application and selection process. The environment and the open approach of the speakers motivated the audience to an interactive discussion.
The "Innova Quito" program seems to be very complete offering different channels of support for the entrepreneur. Besides financial support, Quito Tech aims to provide a wide range of support depending on the needs of the project presented. It could qualify for angels investors, co-working spaces, business incubators among other tools that will catapult the selected projects. The program offered easy access to information online and the speakers were eager to further dialogue after the discussion session. To which, it called the attention of the students who are interested in becoming part of program and are willing to go under the selection process which will be held in August 2015.
Although few guests attended, the audience demonstrated unexpected engagement with the initiative of EREN. Unfortunately, the application process for "Innova Quito" started at the same time as the examination period of the University of Melbourne. Therefore, the number of attendees was lower than expected. Nevertheless, the participants demonstrated great enthusiasm about the initiative and even encouraged others to become active members of EREN. Some of them volunteer to share their knowledge and expertise on topics related to entrepreneurship. This fact demonstrates the growing commitment and support of the initiative of EREN which aims to promote entrepreneurship among Ecuadorians living in Australia.
Denisse from EREN introducing our speakers of CONQUITO
Juan Pablo Manosalvas and Javier Albuja representing CONQUITO via skype
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